At first, when I started this software engineering project, I don’t understand any software architectural pattern. I always code as it goes, meaning that while it’s working, it’s good. As the project gets bigger, I finally know that my project needs to be structured. When I saw the code that…

Stay Positive!

Let’s say you have a team consisting of highly-skilled people. But, your team’s performance is disappointing to your liking. Maybe, your team’s leader lacks people management skills. …

A Korean TV show, called “Let’s go Dream Team 2”

No, this article is not about the Korean TV show. HAAAAA I’m so funny. You’ve baited yourself into this article. Please just continue to read. #BismillahArtikelNilai3 #AbisItu4

You started a project by recruiting the smartest people in their sectors. You are very sure that this project will succeed because of…

What does this even mean? I don’t know.

Wow, wait a minute. CSV loves Flutter? Flutter loves CSV? Or I love you? (Ignore this please, I’m cringing with embarrassment myself). I don’t know, I’m using the first concept that comes into my mind while writing this. …

A Store on Fire

No, this is not a store selling fire. No, this is also not a store that’s on fire.

Using the definition from, Firestore is a flexible, scalable NoSQL cloud database to store and sync data for client- and server-side development.

Firestore is a service from Google that can manage…

A person cleaning a Laptop. Is this clean code?

Well, if you’ve already done a software project with your friend, you should already know how clean code helps your project. Here, I will give you some tips so you can write clean and better code than you’ve previously written!

Benefits of Clean Code

Have you ever written a code…

Ngeeeeng…. This is a person doing Test Drive in a Car (source:

Assume you are working on a big project that has thousands of customers. You wake up, thinking about your plan for today. …

Agile (Source:

Agile is the ability to create and respond to change. It is a way of dealing with, and ultimately succeeding in, an uncertain and turbulent environment. — AgileAlliance

Before we dive deep into Agile, we need to understand more about Agile.

Why Agile?

Now, technology continues to grow with a rapid rate…


Say you want to develop a second-hand branded clothes selling website. So, you want to design your user interface to be suitable for your target user. You targetted at current upper-range Generation Z (18–24 years old). While focusing on the younger-age people, you want to accomodate the older users to…

Git Logo (Source:

I am sorry for the clickbait. It is impossible that you can fully understand Git in 6-7 minutes. But I will try my best to give you my understanding about Git, and hopefully you can use Git in your projects efficiently.

Ahmad Irfan Luthfi

A Computer Science Student at Universitas Indonesia

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