Contoh Print Attack (sumber)

Latar Belakang

Elastic Man (sumber)
  • Metode tradisional menggunakan EigenFace, FisherFace dan LBPH
  • Metode modern menggunakan FaceNet

Latar Belakang

Face Recognition, SodaPDF
  • How can we interpret an image of someone’s face into mathematics using Linear Algebra (matrices/vectors)?
  • How can a system able to recognize someone from an image containing their face?
  • How can we make a computer learn about someone’s face?

Stay Positive!
A Korean TV show, called “Let’s go Dream Team 2”
What does this even mean? I don’t know.
A person cleaning a Laptop. Is this clean code?

Ahmad Irfan Luthfi

A Computer Science Student at Universitas Indonesia

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