Manage Your People Well

Stay Positive!

What is People Management?

People Management vs Team Orchestration

How to improve it?

  • Communicate clearly. When I work at this project, we always communicate everyday about the problem we have, asking solutions whenever someone occurs to a unsolvable problem. Soou need to know how to communicate, give you opinion, and learning to accept other’s opinion.
  • Actively listening. This allows my group to know what happens in everyone in the group, whenever a blocker appeared. This also creates a flowing communication in our group, so it run well and nothing is overlooked to be understood. We apply the principle that everyone has equal share in the group, and we contribute evenly to make our project better.
  • Flexibility. Not everyone has the same environment as you. Your team need to have the ability to adapt for every sudden change happens. This needs fast thinking and critical solving on how to adapt to any unexpected change.

Understanding Others




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